Get Involved, Stay Involved

ACM encourages its members to take a direct hand in shaping the future of the association

ACM’s core mission is to advance computing as a science and profession. The engine that drives this mission comprises people like you who operate at the grassroots level worldwide to volunteer in diverse ACM-sponsored activities. Whether these activities pertain to our journals, conferences, advocacy efforts, educational initiatives, or policy formulation, we owe nearly everything we accomplish to our volunteers’ hard work and dedication.

Today we have more ways than ever for you to get involved. You can also serve in various positions ranging from Steering Committee Chair of a SIG conference to Information Director of an ACM journal to subject experts for online learning programs.

Lend expertise in your chosen field

No matter where your expertise lies, there’s a good chance that one or more of ACM’s 37 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focuses on your field. These SIGs offer numerous opportunities to connect with colleagues in meaningful ways. In addition, SIGs sponsor 170 annual conferences, workshops, and symposia. Each conference has its committee with various openings that may suit you — from Conference Chair to Program Chair to Media Relations Chair.

You can also choose to play a crucial leadership role in ACM journal publications. Volunteers fill the positions of Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor. EICs are appointed on an ongoing basis as terms expire. Suppose you’d like to ensure the high degree of integrity and authority for which ACM journals are known. In that case, you can pursue a position as a reviewer or associate editor and editorial advisory board member.

ACM empowers you to help shape the association’s future with a wide array of opportunities to get involved. No matter which you choose, your involvement enables you to remain at your most creative, keep abreast of emerging trends, and take advantage of networking possibilities that can advance your career.