Potomac Computing Outreach

The Potomac Computing Outreach delivers compelling and insightful computing content tailored to high school and college communities. We want to increase your students’ awareness of computing and springboard your school’s involvement with essential STEM topics. Outreach Speakers are renowned International thought leaders represent a broad range of companies, colleges, and universities, including IBM, Microsoft, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Siemens Information Systems, Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon, Wellesley College, University College London, University of British Columbia, Georgia Tech, UCLA, McGill University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and many more.

The outreach program can be customized to your needs. Lectures can be given in English, Chinese, or Spanish. Lectures are generally 60 minutes long, with a Q&A session. This opportunity is offered at no cost to your school.

For questions on the above, please get in touch with info@potomac.acm.org.